Insurance Reports


Insurance Carriers

Superior Appraisal Service provides personal lines inspections to assist our clients in assessing insurance risks. We can provide a custom form to tailor to our clients needs or utilize any form at the carriers request. Fees are based on inspection type and volume of orders. Reports are delivered in a pdf. format .

Typical reports include:

  • Description Of The Dwelling
  • Distance to Fire Hydrant/Fire Department
  • Risk Assessment ie. Pools, Animals,Trampolines
  • Measured Sketch Of Property
  • Digital Photographs


Do you know how much insurance you need to cover the cost of rebuilding your home or commercial building? In today's environment of Tropical Activity it is vital to to know the Replacement Cost of your property for Insurance purposes. At Superior Appraisal Services, Inc we utilize Marshall & Swift Valuation Services to estimate Replacement Cost Value.

Marshall & Swift is the most widely used cost estimating service utilized by Contractors and Insurance Adjusters to estimate cost of construction and restoration. Marshall & Swift constantly monitors price lists throughout the United States and Canada to provide you with the most accurate replacement cost analysis of your home or commercial building.

Residential Cost Estimate

 In the Residential Cost Estimate we measure your property and photograph each room to document its condition and furnishings prior to a loss. This gives our client a documented report of the condition prior to the loss. In addition we calculate the Replacement Cost Value of the improvement based on its quality and finishing's.

Contents Reports

We also can create Contents Reports. In The Contents report we photograph each room and provide a detailed description of the furniture and finishings in each room. This gives our client a documented report of the condition of contents  prior to the loss. We can also customize this report to include any scanned information that you would like to include in the report such as receipts or content appraisals.

Commercial Insurance Report

Adequate insurance coverage is a major consideration and fiduciary responsibility for the Board of Directors of community associations. The Insurance Appraisal Report is a comprehensive valuation tool that provides the most accurate replacement cost values, and is acceptable by all insurance carriers.

Making the decision to complete a professional insurance appraisal is a wise investment that returns itself  by setting an educated level of insurance coverage and thereby saving thousands by not over-insuring, and potentially saving millions by not under-insuring. This valuable tool ensures that your community assets will be protected.

Appraisal Process

A Licensed, State-Certified appraiser will conduct an on-site inspection of your property to analyze all buildings, ancillary structures, and site improvements. We then research the most up-to-date  cost data available to use in our appraisal.

The replacement cost appraisal report will comply with the Unifrom Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) as adopted by the Appraisal Foundation  and the State Of Florida. You may request a free quote proposal at any time by giving us a call.

Please refer to the pdf file below to view a sample of the Commercial Insurance Report.

  Our State-Certified Insurance Appraisal Reports include:

  • Accurate replacement cost values for both hazard and flood insurance coverage using Marshall & Swift / Boeckh
  • Information on hazard valuation, and flood valuation based on National Flood Insurance Program guidelines
  • Compliance with all applicable Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Code requirements
  • Detailed construction analysis that conforms to insurance industry standards and protocols
  • High-resolution photographic exhibits